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On Labor Day weekend in 1995, computer programmer Pierre Omidyar wrote a code that supported a single global marketplace and subsequently sold a broken laser pointer for $14.83.

Thus began a radical transformation in commerce, and a place in history was reserved for a company dubbed eBay.

Created by connecting individuals who wouldn’t otherwise be connected, eBay has grown to include a presence in 39 markets (including partnerships and investments) with more than 90 million users trading nearly $2,000 worth of goods each second. In 2002, eBay acquired PayPal, bringing new efficiencies and redefining the future of ecommerce.

The company has since expanded, acquiring innovative businesses and positioning the company as the global leader in online listings, payments, technology, and ecommerce solutions.

From Pierre’s entrepreneurial legacy to today and tomorrow, eBay Inc. passionately enables consumers to buy anything, anywhere, anyhow, and empowers merchants around the world to succeed in this new commerce environment. Read more about our global portfolio of businesses and how we continue to support entrepreneurship. Or stroll down Memory Lane on our virtual timeline.