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Innovation/Current projects

Every day, the people of eBay Inc.’s companies are changing the way the world does business.

From an innovation standpoint, that means boldly challenging the status quo to identify new ways of thinking, new ways of problem-solving, and new ways of meeting needs—all geared toward exceeding the business and transactional goals of millions of people across the globe. At eBay Inc., we create solutions on a scale you just can’t find anywhere else. And we LOVE the fact that much of what we do, build, and support has never been done before. That’s also one of the reasons our employees are excited to come to work every day. Want to know more? Explore some of our current thinking below.

Fashion Fast Forward

For the past year, has concentrated on delivering a unique experience to the ultimate fashionista, offering a personal point of view and editorializing eBay’s merchandise. And that’s not all. Derek Lam, an American fashion designer, is using and social media to create an exclusive line of clothing for eBay. And eBay Lead Designer Amanda Johnson is helping to enable these new experiences for eBay Fashion worldwide. Both of these designers represent eBay’s strong commitment to connecting industry experience with a passion for fashion.

Put a Little eBay in Your Pocket

Six weeks before the eBay iPhone app was featured at Apple's WWDC 2008, it was just an idea. But eBay designers had it ready for the world stage and since then, the app has been downloaded more than 40 million times worldwide and generated $600 million in sales volume in its first year. The eBay iPhone apps have since evolved to offer even more functionality, from instant payment integration with PayPal to a quick-selling flow using the camera and barcode scanning. In 2010, these innovations in mobile commerce earned eBay a spot on Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies list for “transforming the mobile marketplace” and “redefining the (eBay) brand.” Learn more and download our apps for yourself at

A Simple Idea—Simplified

We've all been there: You want to give a special present, but you don't want to shoulder the entire cost. So you ask your friends, relatives, and co-workers to chip in. You collect the money, buy the gift, and everyone signs the card. What could be easier? Well, taking the entire process online. That's the simple idea behind eBay Group Gifts. The result of a recent "vizKitchen"—an intense workshop led by eBay designers to pre-visualize products and services for eBay—eBay Group Gifts is an innovative example of social commerce at its best.